26 Weeks Photo Challenge #4: Kill Your Masters by Simeon Smith

The last week in the “masters” series. Honest! 

“If your only goal is to be as good as Scroobius Pip, 
Then as soon as you achieve that your standards have slipped.”

-Scroobius Pip

We’re all pretty similar, humans. We think we’re special and unique, and our culture reinforces that, but there’s no one more special or more unique than you. We all have a body, and a brain, and if you’re a photographer you probably own a camera too. Taking photos doesn’t make you special, but it doesn’t make your masters special either. 

They were once at the skill-level you’re at. They just had time, money or luck to invest into the art and used those opportunities well. 

So it’s time to kill your masters. 

They might deserve the pedestal you’ve put them on, but there isn’t space for you up there with them crowding you out. 

Your challenge this week is to take an amazing image that your masters would hate. Don’t make an image purposefully bad, or with a different aesthetic to them just to complete the challenge, but instead make an image so undeniably YOU that no one else could ever have taken it. 

Time to start to uncover your true authorship.


  1. What do you consider to be your unique mix that creates something that shows your true authorship?
  2. How can we be original in a world where thousands of images are made every second?
  3. How can we gain the confidence to display true unique vision, rather than regurgitating things that have worked before?

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Later by Simeon Smith


I haven't taken a photo I've truly loved for months. Then yesterday, this.

It's out of focus, underexposed, and an easy target, but I frikkin love it!

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She's A Wave by Simeon Smith


I suffer from Generalised Anxiety and Depression. 

She’s a wave. She comes and goes. Sometimes I feel I’m drowning in her. Other times she can barely reach my ankles. 

She’s a minor wardrobe malfunction, like forgetting socks at a conference. Unless you’re really paying attention you probably wouldn’t notice her, but she robs me of confidence, and I find her so hard to ignore. 

She’s a rucksack full of rocks. Walking around with her all day is fucking tiring, but you get used to her, and when she occasionally lifts, I feel unbelievably weightless. 

She's a tapeworm. Depressed? Eat. Stressed? Eat. Tired? Eat. 

She’s a stalker following me from afar. Sometimes in the back of my mind, but then I see her, and spiral out of control.

She can’t run as fast as I can, so I run. But what she lacks in physical speed, she makes up in endurance. 

She can’t ride a bike, or swim.

She loves alcohol and uses it to grow tenfold.

She hates Sertraline, but loves to tell me that one day she’ll grow immunity. 

She’s glued my toothbrush to the sink. It’s nearly impossible to lift it. 

She lives in every blank space on every form I’ve ever struggled through. She tortures me with paperwork. 

I suffer from Generalised Anxiety and Depression. 

She fucks me over. 

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26 Weeks Photo Challenge #3: Study Your Masters by Simeon Smith

This photo is my tribute to Daido Moriyama. 

This photo is my tribute to Daido Moriyama. 

A simple, and common assignment this week. 

Last week you found and collated work from a master - this week you’re going to re-stage one of their photos. You could try to take exactly the same photo, you could put your own spin on it, or you could take elements and aesthetics and make an image in the style of your master. I would say, though, that the more alike your photo is to your master’s work, the more you’ll learn. 


  1. What technical considerations were there in making your image like someone else’s? Do the images have similar depth of field, contrast, layout, use of colour, etc?
  2. What did you not want to or not feel comfortable copying? Could this be part of your style and personal aesthetic?
  3. How can you apply the technique of your master to your own work moving forward?


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New Track / Video: The Label Game by Simeon Smith

I know, I know, I just released an album last week, and here I am with another new track?!

What can I say, I'm just a creative tour de force. 

The other night I was noodling around on my Eurorack modular system with the tape running. This came out. 

Half-way through the session my son came downstairs on one of his many "I can't sleep" trips of the evening, and asked "Are you playing the Label Game?" His name for my modular system.

Video filmed through a 1950's d-mount cine lens on the Gower Peninsula, Wales.