26 Weeks Photo Challenge #3: Study Your Masters / by Simeon Smith

This photo is my tribute to  Daido Moriyama. 

This photo is my tribute to Daido Moriyama. 

A simple, and common assignment this week. 

Last week you found and collated work from a master - this week you’re going to re-stage one of their photos. You could try to take exactly the same photo, you could put your own spin on it, or you could take elements and aesthetics and make an image in the style of your master. I would say, though, that the more alike your photo is to your master’s work, the more you’ll learn. 


  1. What technical considerations were there in making your image like someone else’s? Do the images have similar depth of field, contrast, layout, use of colour, etc?
  2. What did you not want to or not feel comfortable copying? Could this be part of your style and personal aesthetic?
  3. How can you apply the technique of your master to your own work moving forward?


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