26 Weeks Photo Challenge #4: Kill Your Masters / by Simeon Smith

The last week in the “masters” series. Honest! 

“If your only goal is to be as good as Scroobius Pip, 
Then as soon as you achieve that your standards have slipped.”

-Scroobius Pip

We’re all pretty similar, humans. We think we’re special and unique, and our culture reinforces that, but there’s no one more special or more unique than you. We all have a body, and a brain, and if you’re a photographer you probably own a camera too. Taking photos doesn’t make you special, but it doesn’t make your masters special either. 

They were once at the skill-level you’re at. They just had time, money or luck to invest into the art and used those opportunities well. 

So it’s time to kill your masters. 

They might deserve the pedestal you’ve put them on, but there isn’t space for you up there with them crowding you out. 

Your challenge this week is to take an amazing image that your masters would hate. Don’t make an image purposefully bad, or with a different aesthetic to them just to complete the challenge, but instead make an image so undeniably YOU that no one else could ever have taken it. 

Time to start to uncover your true authorship.


  1. What do you consider to be your unique mix that creates something that shows your true authorship?
  2. How can we be original in a world where thousands of images are made every second?
  3. How can we gain the confidence to display true unique vision, rather than regurgitating things that have worked before?

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