Photography Is Unimportant / by Simeon Smith

Sure, photographs can be powerful reminders of important moments, personal and public. 

But the images are just tiny glimpses. 

Two dimensional perspectives.

The beautifully mundane moment is important.

People connecting with each other; that's important. 

The emotions, real or perceived inside a frame are important, as are the imagined stories happening just outside of that same frame. That's important. 

People ask about why I shoot with old cameras, how they affect the finished images, the aesthetic. But...

None of that is why I shoot with old cameras. 

My cameras enhance that vitally important and beautifully mundane moment. 

The feel of the clockwork beneath my fingers. The smell of old leather. The fact that there's no distracting lcd screen taking me away from the moment. 

The vitally important, and beautifully mundane moment. 

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