Every Shot Matters now on Amazon / by Simeon Smith


Over the past year or so I've been working on this book. I funded the production via a kickstarter that reached it's goal in just 4 hours and went on to raise over 4 times the amount I'd asked for. It's now available to buy on Amazon. 

Every Shot Matters is for you if:
You're an artist, analog or digital, in need of some inspiration.
You love photography - if you enjoy my photos, here's a 180+ page book full of them.
You're interested in minimalism, anti-capitalism and art. 

This book collates original material along with articles written for Lomography Magazine and the Film Shooter's Collective. It contains:
7 chapters on everything from inspiring artists, right through to how to set up a minimalist analogue darkroom.
12 creative tasks to help you unlock creativity.
64 photos - a bargainous way to get your hands on a load of prints. Take a Stanley knife to the spine of the book and frame some artwork.

If you enjoy the book, I'd love for you to review it, either on Amazon, the iBook store, or GoodReads.

If you're not a fan of Amazon, order it from your local bookstore with the following code: ISBN9781389974458

I'm currently working on the Every Shot Matters Workbook, which will be available for free and out Summer 2017.

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