Brooklyn Beckham is a Great Photographer / by Simeon Smith

Over the past week or so, film photographer and Beckham heir Brooklyn has been slated. He's released a book of his photographs at 18. Some of the photographs show little technical mastery of the medium. Some of the self-written captions read like they were written by an 18 year old. 

Which they were. 

All of which has lead to a barrage of smirking reviews about celebrity culture, entitlement and generally panning a guy who's found a passion and wants to share that passion with the world. 

I'm not going to tell you that Brooklyn's photographs are great. That lies in the eye of the beholder. 

I am going to tell you that Brooklyn is a great photographer. 

He does life with a camera in hand. He takes photographs constantly. He's passionate about the medium. He experiments. He's more interested in the emotion of an image than in technical detail. He uses gear that interests him, not that society prescribes. He takes photographs personal to him, of his family and friends, of their shared lives. 

While his photographs may not be up there quite yet, his attitude is the same as Moriyama's. And that makes him a great photographer. 

All photos in this article are bad photos which I've taken, and which I love.