The nicest of requests. / by Simeon Smith

There's this amazing, small, quarterly magazine called 99% Invisible. 

They publish some great art, and in their most recent issue asked to publish an excerpt from Every Shot Matters, which I of course was more than happy to agree to. 

Vagg, the editor, has also been collating tracks for a compilation album to celebrate the magazine's anniversary and asked me to contribute, which I of course also did. 

I then get a message from Lola Dupre, an amazing artist that has worked with Time Magazine and Penguin Classics to create some of the most stunning and impactful covers. 

She was doing the artwork for the compilation album. Would I be okay if she created a portrait of me for the cover? 

Would I be okay?!


I am flattered, surprised, honoured to be the subject of one of Lola's portraits. Check out her work. 

Download the compilation album, or buy it on cassette here. 

Listen to my track on the album just below vvv 

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