You Don't Know What Art Is (You Just Do As You're Told) / by Simeon Smith

I wish I'd never seen a photograph, so I could create something new when I first encountered a camera. I wish I'd never heard music so I could approach my instruments as a true beginner. 

How much of our work is influenced by our masters? I feel like spend so much of my time taking great photos like Daido Moriyama, that sometimes I forget to take a great photo like Simeon Smith. I get so wrapped up in making my music as immersive as the Cinematic Orchestra, that I forget to immerse myself in my own surroundings. 

How much of our work is influenced by our tools? My cameras take 3x4 photos, so that's the aspect ratio I use. My guitars are set up EADGBE, so that's the tuning I use. If I was starting from scratch are these the choices I'd make?

Run the Jewels tell us to kill our masters. Today you can find me hunting them with a knife between my teeth.