26 Weeks Camera Challenge #11: Pick A Colour. / by Simeon Smith


This challenge is for me. I’ve been shooting every day for the last few years but there’s still so much to learn. There’s always more to learn.

Ever seen a Wes Anderson movie? Go look him up if not. Meticulous use of colour, carefully curated palettes. 

I’m no good at using colour, but in comparison to Wes, no one is good at colour. 

This week, pick a colour. Shoot things that colour. Be meticulous, be perfectionist, make the colour your own. 


  1. Colour curation can look cheesy as hell. How can we avoid this? 
  2. What kind of colour work can be done in the camera, what needs to be prepared beforehand, and what should be left for post-production?
  3. What colours communicate which emotions?