Zine - Rome - Preorder Now! / by Simeon Smith


Last year I spent a great time in Rome with my 1937 Leica IIIa camera, and a small digital mirrorless camera. I also took my wife. 

If you follow my work, you've probably seen a lot of the photos from the trip, but I really wanted to present these in a simple, cheap and accessible way. 

So here's ROME. A zine. 

20 pages. 

Limited edition - I won't be reprinting these in this format.

Self published.

Shipping March 2018 with free global shipping. 

If you'd like a copy I'd really like for you to pre-order - it helps me (and my cash flow!) to plan, and to get the first (and only) print run out to you as soon as possible and looking great. 

I'd also love for you to share this with your friends. I've priced this as economically as I can, and hope to use it to spread my work to a wider audience. 

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