26 Weeks Camera Challenge #14: Print it.  / by Simeon Smith


Let’s celebrate the half-way point. I really hope that by now over the last few months you’ve taken a few photos that you’re really proud of. That stand out, head and shoulders above the rest. That you want to share. Not just in an “Here’s another photo, instagram!” kind of way, but in an “in 10 years I’ll still want you to look at this photo”.


In the digital world it’s all too easy to leave your photos living behind screens, forever incased in glass. But a printed photo really is something else. You don’t get twitter alerts on a printed photo interrupting your thought process. You can’t change the screen brightness or contrast to see things more clearly. A printed photo is a statement. A finished article. 


This week, you task is to print your work. Think about size, colouring and presentation. Think about the material you want to print on. Make it special. Make it yours. 


If the first prints don’t turn out as you want them, try again, make some changes, or speak to the lab where you got them printed and ask their advice. 


Once you have some prints you’re proud of, distribute them. You could give a print to a friend, leave one in a record sleeve in a charity shop, put some up in a local coffee shop, put some up in a local bus-stop. 



  1. How does printing a work change the work? 
  2. How does distributing a work change the work? 
  3. How did you decide who you should give your prints to?

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