26 Weeks Camera Challenge #18: Reflections / by Simeon Smith

All we have is light.

Light, and a box with a hole in it to save the light for later. 

That’s the deal.

That’s all there is to it. 

You think you’re making pictures of your friends, your family, models, landscapes, your city, your studio, your ideas. 

You’re wrong. 

All you’re making pictures of is light. 

So enjoy it. 

Light does things. Beautiful things. 

Sometimes you will want to capture emotion, beauty, fragility, history. 

But this week, just capture light itself. 

Capture reflections. Capture lens flare. Capture sparkle. 

Shoot for the bokeh. Shoot for the overexposed whiteouts. 

Just let light be light. 


  1. How much of the physics of photography do you consider when shooting photos? 
  2. When can a light leak or lens flare enhance an image and when can it ruin one?
  3. How can including light leaks and other aberrations deconstruct photography?  

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