26 Weeks Camera Challenge #24: The Project, Promote / by Simeon Smith


Hard truth: No one cares about your art more than you do. They should. But they don’t. There’s this amazing comic strip by Austin Kleon that goes something like this:

How much do you value your life? 

“I love your work, it’s changed my life!”

“Would you like to buy a book, it’s 8 dollars.”

“No thanks, I’m good.” 

Good news is, that because you’re the one most invested in your own art, you’re also the best person to promote it. Here are some non-cringey ways to promote your photography:

  • Stay factual. “I’ve worked really hard on my new photography exhibition, and would love for you to go” comes across a lot better than “My photography is all about the ethereal light protruding from the hearts and souls of each living being, past and present”. Oh, and keeping it factual will also stop you from going too Kanye, or too self-deprecating. No one wants to hear “It’s probably rubbish, but you should come anyway”. 
  • Thank people. Thank them for inspiring you, share other people’s work and what you’ve put into your art following their path. Thank people when they pay you compliments. Thank people when they turn up to your events, or buy your prints. 
  • Share your process. “Here’s me, making art.” is a genre that goes down a storm online. 
  • Use social media to your advantage. There are some great tools out there like Hootsuite and Buffer that make promoting your art online SO VERY EASY. Use them.

This week, promote your project ahead of the launch. 

  1. Questions:
  2. How comfortable are you talking about your own art?
  3. Should you learn more from Kanye or from Sia?
  4. What makes your own perspective so special?

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