400 / by Simeon Smith

So the plan was no release schedule, no demos to labels, only gigs in places I like with friends I love - All about the music, all about the art. Not about trying to garner attention. Not about making it. 

I’d been in a band before with a self-imposed release schedule, with a to-do list of people to network with and DJs to contact. With pre-release press releases. With a brand. I don’t want that anymore. 
And then I dropped an EP last Friday. I tweeted about it a couple of times over the weekend. I posted it on the Monome community and the Chipmusic.org forum - places where I’ve met people that have helped me make this music. 
I checked the play stats just now. Over 400 unique visitors to the site. Not really sure how Bandcamp work these things out, but in comparison to ALL previous releases, in 3 days that is pretty huge for me. 
If you’ve shared this, or retweeted me THANK YOU. 
…I kinda feel like I should be doing something about it now…

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