A First / by Simeon Smith

It’s been a bit crazy, this analog photography ride. But it’s treating me well.

I started shooting on film a few years ago, just messing around, and before I knew it, my camera sample packs had spread across the blogosphere, Lomography sent me their analog video camera for free for me to shoot a music video, and I was reviewing an amazing new lens for my old Leica.

Now, my photos are hanging publicly for the first time, at Square Peg in Sketty, Swansea.

I’d love you to pop in and have a look. Better still, check out my “silent auction” while you’re in there.

Now, I realise that not all of you live in Swansea, or will be visiting Sketty in the next month or so, but I still want you to be able to bid in the silent auction. So if you’d like to bid on any of the photos, or have anything that you’d like to offer (seriously, the crazier and more awesome the better!) in exchange for one of the images, please email silentauction@awonderfulkindofimpossible.co.uk and if your offer is the best, I’ll email back.

If you prefer slightly more conventional transactions, you can straight-out buy prints via Saatchi Art at www.saatchiart.com/simeonsmith

Thanks for reading!


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