/ by Simeon Smith

Around 6 months ago I recorded the mechanical clicks and whirs of 4 old film cameras to use in my music, and uploaded the sounds to share freely with other artists. The sample pack spread across the internet and in the last few months I’ve received loads of encouraging emails from musicians, app designers, and film makers who have used the sounds in their work. It’s been great to hear from all of you.
Because of the obsessive collector that I am, this first video didn’t scratch the surface of my film camera collection, and there were a few beautiful sounding cameras that I hadn’t recorded, hence this second collection.
Does the world need these samples? No. A bit of an overkill? Definitely. But kinda fun? Oh, yes.
The film camera’s I’ve sampled for this second collection are:
A Lomography La Sardina (8 Ball edition).
A Lomokino 35mm manual video camera.
A FED 3 rangefinder with an Industar N-61 L/D lens.
A Zorki C rangefinder with an Industar 22 lens.
A Holga 120TLR medium format, twin lens reflex camera.
As with the first collection, these sounds are both free, and royalty free. If you use them in anything fun, send me a copy via my website: awonderfulkindofimpossible.co.uk

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/sfgsmith/sets/more-cameras-sample-pack

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