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Beneath - New EP 02/10/19 by Simeon Smith

Have I really not blogged since July?! That’s poor. Sorry.

I don’t have a massive amount to say about this EP other than here it is, enjoy it.

One of the greatest joys of being an independent artist is being able to release music when and how you want to. This evening seemed like as good a time as any.

At the moment it’s only available on bandcamp here: but over the next few days and weeks it’ll appear on iTunes and Spotify and whatever other music service you’re using.


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NEW MUSIC: Postcards From Slow Places by Simeon Smith


I’m so very proud to be part of an amazing, inclusive, online community of electronic musicians who put together projects like this.

A few months ago Mark Durham from the Lines Community suggested we put together a compilation of “Longform Ambient”, tracks longer than your normal pop track, for release early this year. When he suggested it I immediately offered a track, as I’ve wanted to record one of my “Ambient//Modular” sessions at Swansea Uni for quite some time now.

This really caught people’s imaginations; usually such compilations end up with around a dozen or so tracks, but Mark has collated these 55 (!) tracks.

That’s 3.5GB… as MP3!

Start listening to this album on Monday morning and you’ll have to wait until your Tuesday mid-morning coffee-break to hear my 35-minute track. You might have just gotten to bed on Tuesday by the time the album finishes.

Sure, it’s long. And I guess that’s some kind of achievement, but more than that it’s consistent.

The album, or as much as I’ve been able to listen to so far, sounds like a community all drawing inspiration from each other, all swimming in the auditory output of each other’s music projects.

This is going to take me all week to get through listening, and I hope it provides a soundtrack of rest and reflection for me and others.

My track, just below, features four, quarter-inch tape loops from my upright piano, fed through the modular along with sounds from the modular itself and my Yamaha CS and Arturia Microbrute synths.

I’d love for you to have a listen.

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GrapeNuts: Free Sample Pack for the Bastl grandPA by Simeon Smith

GrapeNuts Sample Pack is in no way related to or endorsed by Post Cereals, it’s just… read the post, m’kay?

GrapeNuts Sample Pack is in no way related to or endorsed by Post Cereals, it’s just… read the post, m’kay?

Things I love about the 21st century: 

-Creative friends to swap synth modules with.

-The ability to share art stuff at very little cost to me.

-You can totally film a promo video for a sample pack on your phone in like 5 minutes and totally get away with it. 

Anyhow, I recently did a module swap and received this rather fetching Bastl grandPA & Spa all in one module thang. It’s great. I’ve wanted one for ages.

Playing around with the samples that were on it, was fun, but UPLOADING YOUR OWN SAMPLES is totally where it’s at, so I sat down with some VST instruments I really like and use all the time. I copied 8 chord voicings over 4 different sounds and then filled the extra few slots with some noise. 

One of the most intense memories of my actual grandpa is sitting down to breakfast with him in his conservatory. Every morning he’d eat cold toast and a bowl of Grape Nuts Cereal with a little milk. So when I went about making food for my grandPA sampler, I knew exactly what to call it.

Here’s the sample pack in action:

And it’s free! Please, please share it with anyone you know that enjoys samplers or granular synths - it’ll work on any sampler, not just the Bastl. 

Big thanks to Bastl for making such kick ass modules and big love to YOU for listening to my shit. 

While it’s totally free, if you find yourself enjoying the sounds and wanted to support more stuff like this, my bandcamp is right here.

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Palindrome One by Simeon Smith

palindrome pal·in·drome | \ˈpa-lən-ˌdrōm  \ : a word, verse, or sentence (such as "Able was I ere I saw Elba") or a number (such as 1881) that reads the same backward or forward

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Carry The Martyr Released In Full by Simeon Smith

Hey everyone, and a Happy New Year to the lot of you.

Since the end of the summer I’ve been working on an album, called CARRY THE MARTYR, releasing tracks as I go: No promo, no noise, just having fun in the studio and uploading stuff when it sounded kind of finished.

While I’ve totally loved producing the painstaking piano soundscapes of PENINSVLA and CELLS, I just wanted to make some fun music, with my heart, not my head. CARRY THE MARTYR hopes to be just that.

It got more attention than I expected and had some lovely radio support from Adam Thomas Walton at BBC Cymru Wales (thanks bro!).

Well, since breaking up for work before Christmas I’ve been working at ironing out creases and gluing the whole project together. It’s done and there’s 10 bloody tracks of the thing. While I often find my music hard-to-describe, not this album. This album is 100% house music. 120bpm, 4-to-the-floor from start to finish.

Listen and download for free here: and it’ll be on Spotify et al soon.

And now, as a New Year’s present, it’s yours. I hope you enjoy it on your New-Years-Resolution runs, at your New-Years-Resolution gym sessions, and while scoffing 20 toblerones in your car sat on the driveway as you fail your New-Years-Resolution diet.


(A note on project names: Every time I release music under a different name, I get the same questions: Are you not doing XXX music anymore? Has XXX band broken up? Is this a new XXX?… Nah, guys, it’s just a way of segmenting my increasingly ridiculous back-catalog. Plus, I loves me a new logo.)

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