CLICK HERE to support This Could Be Beautiful - A Festival in Swansea / by Simeon Smith


I’ve been booked to play a lovely little arts festival. Collaborator/Inspiration Alone is also playing (He’s the guy that remixed The Tower on that Cassingle). And my absolute bestfaces Captian Cat. And Howard is doing his Atlantis show which I’ve seen as is VERY GOOD. I’m basically saying you should go to the whole festival. But I’m playing Saturday, if you can only make one day (OBVS!) 

So clicky through and preorder a ticket. 

In other news, if you’ve yet to download the Dragon Era compilation that was released with an *exclusive track* from me it’s still here, and it’s still free: AND WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR!! IT’S BEEN PROMO’D ON THE BEEB AND EVERYTHING!

I realise this post has been entirely self-promoting and egotistical. Bugger. 

Ah well.

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