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Literally Who Cares.

I received some brutally honest feedback on my music last week.  

I have this side project, see, where I make music programming obsolete games consoles. This, believe it or not, is a THING, and there’s a whole little sub-culture of tiny record labels, club nights full of bearded guys trying to get with the two female cosplayers who turned up and emo kids posing for photos with Game Boys.  It’s called “Chiptune”, and if I didn’t know that Howard reads this blog, I’d say it was part of “geek culture”*.

So, if you’re still following, there’s a chip tune label called “Chiptunes=WIN”, every year they release an album of demos they’ve received mostly from unsigned chiptune artists. It’s a big deal in the tiny sphere. My demo didn’t make the cut, along with, apparently, around 170 other demos that they’d received. So I uploaded the track to chipmusic.org (the hub of this miniscule world) writing:

“Firstly, congratulations to all the talented artists that got onto the album… always an amazing way of discovering new awesome music. But given the number of submissions they receive there’s gotta be a whole heap of tracks that didn’t quite make the cut. Let’s hear them!!”

First reply: 

“Literally who cares”

So firstly, I kinda know the guy that posted this (off of other internet shenanigans), and I think he was trying to be flippant and funny – he often posts semi-trolling not-very-offensive comments, and I guess that’s fine. His comments didn’t particularly bother me. 

The depressing thing is though, he’s totally right. Nobody cares about independent music. There’s too much independent music to care about. I’d like to think that I care about independent music and art, but in fact the amount of independent music and art I care about is very small in comparison to the hours and hours people upload every day. I’ve written before that artist’s biggest problem is obscurity, but you can flip that on its head and say that the problem is audience apathy. 

Welcome to the media overload, where content is an endless, indigestible, churning sea of passion, earnest, and hyperbole.

The second loudness war is upon us, fought on the battlefield of social media the only winners will be the marketing agencies.

*Following conversations with Howard, I now know that We Do Not Use That Word.

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