See you in two month’s time / by Simeon Smith

Last night’s performance was such fun, a great evening with friends and impromptu vocals from a couple of great MCs. If you missed it, sorry, but that’s probably the last performance of my own music I’ll be able to do this year. Over the next two month’s I’ve got to finish up with Elly’s EP that myself and Andy are recording, write and record the soundtrack to the new Spotlight movie, learn double bass parts for Captain Cat with whom I shall be playing from now on, and learn bass guitar parts for a covers band I’m performing with over Christmas and New Year. Oh, and there’s the small matter of having a family and a job…

At some point in the next couple of months a track that I’ve already completed will be out as part of a new compilation album, but last night was the last time I’ll work on my own music until the new year.

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