So this has happened a few times. / by Simeon Smith


So a good few times over the last few years I’ve had this really annoying thing happen, and every time I’ve wanted to post about it, but I haven’t because the perpetrator  might read it and get really offended. Anyhow, it hasn’t happened for a while, and I just remembered it, so here goes. 

THEM: Hey Simeon! I really like your track X, can I use it in project Y?

ME: So glad you like it, let me know your budget and we can work it out.

THEM: Oh, I can’t pay because (insert bullshit), but I was wondering if I could use it for free? 

ME: Yeah, sure, whatever. At least you asked. Just make sure it’s attributed.

THEM: So can you send it to me?

ME: Send you what?

THEM: Send me your track.

ME: You can just download as any format you’d like from my website.

THEM: Yeah, but can’t you just send it to me?

ME: Is there a problem downloading it from my website?

THEM: It’s just that your album costs £4. 


…This conversation is one of the reasons that I made all my new tunes “pay-what-you-want”. I don’t want that kind of awkwardness. But still, if these people are THAT cheap when it comes to the rest of their film/media project I can see why so many of these projects don’t get off the ground. 

Anyhoo, that’s another reason I love the fact that the new LEAP album (insert appropriate overzealous plug here) is pay what you want.

**EDIT** Reread this this morning and thought it was important to mention that I’m very fortunate to work with some great people that actually want to pay me for my work. A big “thank you!” to each of them. You rock.

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