Spotlight Swansea Red Carpet Event / by Simeon Smith

The past few weeks have been crazy in my family life, a lot of joy but a lot of stress and rubbish. 

Anyhow music news goes like this, this Thursday the premier of the second Spotlight project will happen at the Odeon in town. So excited to hear my work on the sound system and see the films on the big screen. 

My side-project donotrunwithpixels has a release out for Netlabel Day on July 16th check it out here: 

The Symbiotic Cube album seems to unfortunately have suffered delay after delay - I emailed David about it and he is still really keen but I’ve no idea when it’ll be. Good news though is that it looks like The Leap will be doing a similar compilation, and I’ve submitted a similar track… meh. Place your bets on which might be out first. 

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