Leap Comp 2, by The Leap by Simeon Smith

So I already went on a rant on the Twitters and the Facebooks about this very late last night, so here is a more readable version. The Leap is a beautiful record label from The States that have put out some of my favourite releases of the last few years. They put out NO SIR E’s Pocketed. They put out Tehn’s Skyclad. They’ve now put out a compilation album and one of my tracks has made it on!
I could tell you how brilliant the album is, but it’s already been reviewed, despite only being released hours ago. Josh said it “presents a stunning array of talented musicians from all over the world. the album’s self-described genre is "beats,” but the music runs the gamut of forward-looking sounds: idm, glitch, minimal drone techno, warped trip-hop, beatless ambient, and edging into places that can’t be easily described. as a whole, the compilation is well-paced, contemplative, challenging, and surprisingly soothing.“
For those of you interested in process, my track started as an experiment in what sounds I could get out of my Microbrute synth, so most of the melodic elements are from there - but the recording felt really rushed wanting to get it to it’s best before the submission deadline. Listening back now a couple of months later I’m really happy with how it turned out and working to deadlines can really provide great focus.
Anyhow, big love to The Leap fam for making this happen and to all the other artists on the release.

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