Techniques Against Technology, by donotrunwithpixels by Simeon Smith

The absolute joy of being able to finish an album and put it out that same day. 

This is my side-project, donotrunwithpixels. And if you’re hoping for something a bit like the stuff I usually make, then no. No, no, no. Nope. 

This is half anarchy / half drum'n'bass with a large side of salty salty fries. 

I wrote and performed on one Nintendo Game Boy. No overdubs. No additional instruments.

Stream and download it on the link above or it’ll appear on iTunes, Spotify, etc over the next week or so. And if you’d like to sling me a few quid for it that’d be grand! I’d also love to play this live, so hook me up with a gig or two, homies?

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