Hashtag to Your Heart's Content by Simeon Smith

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Today I saw a tweet that kind of annoyed me.

I totally get that maybe the guy just meant that the process and gear you use to create art isn't important, just the results (a debate for a different blog post). Or maybe that film is just a cool hipster thing to do and that people are just jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of it (again, not something I really have a problem with). 

But any artist online will get more traffic to their content if they describe the process they're using, because people search for that kind of stuff. Algorithms display things based on how you describe them. 

  • Describing your process drives traffic #believeinfilm 
  • Hashtagging your gear drives traffic #leica
  • Mentioning your aesthetic drives traffic #blackandwhiteisworththefight 

And there is NOTHING WRONG with driving internet users to your content. We're all online to communicate with people. We're all here because we want to look and listen to others and want to communicate our own ideas, life, and work with others. 

I think people see using basic SEO as somehow inherently uncool, like "selling out". But I thought we got past that. Selling out is just another name for being good at making money. We all love cheering the underdog, but why demonise them when they try to gain popularity or (god forbid) try to pay their mortgage with their art. 

So go on. 

Hashtag to your heart's content. 


Summer '17, Colour [GALLERY] by Simeon Smith

Shot to Fuji Superia 200 film on my Leica IIIa and Howard's old Canon AE-1.