Today something happened by Simeon Smith

Today something happened. 

I took a photo and was excited to see how it turned out. This is that photo:

an exciting photo.jpg

Okay, okay, it’s not a “Good Photo”. It’s not sharp. It’s not composed that well. And to MY horror, it wasn’t shot to film. But I had such a buzz when I pushed the shutter.

And it should be something that happens all the time, but these days, it’s less frequent than I’d like. 

I was looking down at my phone, trying to find my way to Nottingham’s Cat Café, trying to work out which I the blue dot on the screen was pointing and I looked up. The overpass, the the people facing me, the lights, the person in a hurry not seeing the traffic… it all came together and almost by instinct I grabbed the small digital camera that was hanging around my wrist and - CLICK. 

It was a great feeling. 

Not the greatest photo, but a great feeling.

Here’s what I’m going to make sure I get these feelings more often:

  1. Keep travelling. These days there aren’t many places in my home town that surprise me. I love my home town but I’ve lived here since 2002, and know it so well. The familiarity is great and makes for some great photos where I know the framing I want, I know the subject I want and I just have to wait for the moment. But rarely does this experience make me feel… anything. 

  2. Shoot on a great camera. Digital is great, and the images are arguably “better”, but I don’t LOVE the experience. But my Leica IIIa… Oh yes. I love holding it. I love the smell of it. I love the mechanisms. I love the cold metal. I love the sound of it. And that’s even before I see a photo! 

  3. Keep moving. Today, I was on foot. I could have caught the tram through Nottingham, but I walked, and shot pictures and felt emotions I rarely feel these days. 

Anyhow here are some more photos, that excited me less, but may actually be better. 

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2017 Goals by Simeon Smith

I’ve been pondering this all day, because, well, 2016 was, musically speaking, a great year for me. I got commissioned to make music and films with all the artistic freedom I could desire. I worked with some of my favourite artists… It’s all been amazing. It feels frivolous to put targets on productivity when the things I look back on from 2016 that were the most amazing kind of fell out of the sky.

A lot of my personal goals are related to my mental health, but once again my major depressive episodes don’t seem caused by anything much, but rather seem to come and go like storms in the skies (8-week long storms, but still).

Still I like that Picasso quote “La inspiración existe, pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando.”

So I guess these are wishes, rather than goals, I’ll work towards them, but I’m under no impression that my successes are down to anything but luck.

I’d love to do a solo release for a label this year. I’ve worked on so many releases for other people recently, and rather selfishly I’d like to do a bigger release myself. Once again, though, I’ve been sending my stuff to labels for years, and never had the right kind of interest.

I’d like to collect some of the articles I’ve written for photography websites into a book. I guess this is something that I could complete solo.

I’d like to make my music further afield. I’ve loved gigging more this year, especially in London and Bristol. For someone who lives in the back of beyond in Wales, it’s a big deal for me! I’d love to travel further and play music to new audiences.

Keep me accountable, people! Ask me how these wishes are going!

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