The Patience Notes, by Simeon Smith by Simeon Smith

My new EP. Out today.

Well okay, perhaps not so much new as… preowned, rethought, upcycled.
The keenest ears amongst you are thinking “some of these tracks… I’ve heard before” and you’d be right. 

There’s that track off of the last Dragon Era compilation, rereleased on this EP just ahead of the new Dragon Era comp dropping next month (also featuring yours truly). There’s that track off of The Leap comp, my first release on a US label. There’s the track off of that video with all of the coloured and picture vinyl. And that track off of the This Could Be Beautiful promo video. 

These last few days have been a time of reflection for me, a time to collect, organise, and move on.

But there’s new in with the old. 

There’s that track which never got released on that other compilation album. And heading them all up there’s that track which no one has heard yet from the forthcoming video I’m working on with Lomography. 

All of this repackaged with a stunning cover from Rachael at 

When I started this solo project I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t get bogged down with release schedules, deadlines, marketing campaigns and all of the other stuff that You Are Supposed To Do when releasing music to Grow Your Audience, Aide Revenue Generation and Create Space In The Already Crowded Music Marketplace. Because I really don’t care about all that stuff. I care about music, I care about creating it in an environment that is healthy for me and my family.  I care about sharing it with people for whom it’ll mean something. And if you’re reading this hopefully that’ll be you.

So last night I was a Dad. I took my son swimming. Ate some cold Domino’s pizza with him. Got the kids to bed. Watched some Friends re-runs. Opened the door to the Tesco delivery man. Chatted to my mum on the phone. Uploaded an EP for release. Had a hot chocolate and went to bed. 


Currently available on Bandcamp (pay what you want), iTunes (set price) and Apple Music (included in your membership). Soon to be available everywhere but digital distribution takes a few days. 

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Temporal Recurrence - EP by Simeon Smith by Simeon Smith

Yesterday my music went live on iTunes and Apple Music, and in the next few days it’ll be going onto Amazon, Spotify, et al. For years I had this overzealous holier-than-thou approach to distribution that as a DIY Independent Upmyself Artist I shouldn’t engage with corporations with questionable morals. 

I was asked last night what changed. 

And I’m not really sure. 

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