Comfort Zones (aka What I Did in Scotland) by Simeon Smith

My wife is a photographer. I know, I know, we’re all photographers in the age of the iPhone, but what I mean is my wife takes photos for a living. And she does it bloody well. So well, in fact, that people give us free holidays in return for her taking some photos while we’re on said holiday’s and popping them on instagram. You should go check her instagram out. It’s here:

Back? Good. 

So this week I’ve been away in Scotland with my family, just north of Loch Lomond, while my wife takes the occasional photo. It’s been BEAUTIFUL. If you haven’t been it’s hard to describe quite how remote mid-Scotland feels. There’s nothing around but mountains and lakes, oh plus whisky and hot tubs. 

But as my wife took breath-taking photos of beautiful landscapes, I was utterly out of my comfort zone with a camera in my hands. 

I’m not really a landscape kind of guy. As my friend Darren put it, my style is “grainy / black and white / old people”. I don’t think I’m a proper street-photographer, but urban environments are definitely my jam, photography-wise.

Anyhow, I took my trusty Leica stuffed with grainy old black and white film, and my little digital mirrorless, as I fancied some immediate feedback on my attempts at landscapes. 

I didn’t want to abandon my grainy black and white style, but didn’t know how that’d translate to lakes and mountains. 

Anyway here are some shots (all shot on digital, haven’t processed any film yet!) 

Thursday though, I abandoned my family to finish their holiday while I went to a work thing I’d committed to before the holiday was on the cards, and I had 45 minutes to kill in central Glasgow between trains. So what did I shoot? Yup. Grainy / black and white / old people. Here they are. 

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