Film Swap with Lee Young by Simeon Smith


A few weeks ago Hannah off of Lomography set me and a few other UK photographers up with a film swap with Singapore-based photographer Lee Young. Check out his work on Lomography here.

A film swap is where we both shoot a roll of film, swap the rolls, then shoot OVER THE TOP of each other’s photos.

Here’s a sneak peak of our photos from the project, but I’m sure Lomography will put a bunch together from the different shoots.

Sunset by Simeon Smith

Shot to Fujicolor on a Canon AE-1.

The Light Through [Colour] by Simeon Smith

DUDE! You haven't blogged in like a month. by Simeon Smith

Yeah... about that.... You're right. It's unacceptable and try to do better. I've still got the 26 weeks series to finish off and THEN I can relax a little. 

Anyhow, I've been in London for a few days going to a gig, shooting a short film and attending a conference. No, I haven't slept much, thanks for asking. 

A couple of days ago I was craving some creative freedom, caught a tube to near Carnaby Street, and walked with Andy from Black Eyewear to the Lomography Shop. I took these photos along the way. 

26 Weeks Camera Challenge #19: Flat Lay by Simeon Smith


A really powerful tool to self-improvement is to the things that are totally out of your comfort zone, and it's the same for photography. 

There are a lot of photographic techniques and styles I have no interest in at all and because I've never experimented with them, I'm bloody useless at them. 

For me, something I had to do around a year ago was sort out some "flat-lays" for an article I was featured in. They're pretty popular on the instagrams, and a lot of people are great at doing these strange constructed still-life style photos, usually shot from above, usually on a flat background. 

For you perhaps this is second nature, though. 

So this week, do some flat lays, unless of course you're already really proficient at them, at which point I'd encourage you to do something else totally out of your comfort zone. 


1. How has product photography influenced the art world and vice versa? 

2. What did you learn that you can apply to an area of art that you are comfortable with?

3. Why are certain types of photo, like flat lays, more popular online than other types?