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Holga Week [GALLERY] by Simeon Smith

Every year, around about this time I see someone online using the hashtag #HOLGAWEEK and I think - Bloody hell, has it already been a year?!

Holgas are (usually) medium format plastic cameras, much in the same vein as the Diana. There's a lot of talk online about which one is "better", but that's kind of like asking which is a "better" car for F1, an Citroen C1 or a Peugeot 107; they're both practically the same level of crap. 

I love shooting with these cameras though, and was a bit disappointed I only had time to put one roll of film through the Holga during official #HOLGAWEEK. 

Here are some photos from that roll:

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Diana Day 2018 by Simeon Smith

It's no secret I love plastic cameras. So when Denise ( got in touch asking me to help with some graphics for Diana Day 2018 I jumped at the opportunity. 

Here's the plan: 

  1. Grab a camera; A plastic Diana Camera, or clone. 
  2. Shoot some film with it on August 4th.
  3. Upload the images during the rest of the month.
  4. Tag your images #DianaDay 

This is something run by the community for the community, for fun. Not for glory or prestige, thought there's plenty of that too, but FUN is at the heart of this event. 

Join in! 

(and if you don't have a Diana camera and are local, let me lend you one)

(and yes, that's my adorkable 4 year old in his Buzz Lightyear PJs)

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